A Question of Spatial Existence

A Question of Spatial Existence, 2011

18 inches x 18 inches

Acrylic on canvas

We human beings had always thought ourselves to be the center of the universe, until we were shown otherwise. Somehow, though, nothing’s changed. Most of the time we assume that we are the only sentient beings with the possibility of other sentients existing in the known universe. This painting is a comment on this assumption. We, the humans, are represented by the pieces of wood floating about between two physical realities separated only by Time, which we sense as a directional ‘thing’ only due to our reasoning of cause and effect, represented here by the downward drips of paint. This is the apparent bleeding of one physical dimension into another, something that could be taken as our movement or existence in Time. What gives us the right to say that everything we know is absolutely certain and correct? Our spatial existence is only justified by what we assume to be real by applying certain laws. Another universe may exist, and if it does, this painting also shows us existing between them both.

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